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Tuesday, 4 October 2011
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jom belajar english pulak ,

tips penting :

Noun Clause: that
A noun clause is also used to indicate mental activity.
Example 1:
Matthew : What do you think about this pair of jeans?
John : Hmm…Well… I think that they are just OK.
Example 2:
Matthew : Hey! Mark is waving at the girl over there. Do you think he knows her?
John : Well, I assume that he does or else he wouldn’t have waved at her.
This particular noun clause may start with phrases like:
- I assume that…
- I believe that
- I discover that
- I dream that
- I guess that
- I hear that
- I hope that
- I know that
- I learn that
- I notice that
- I predict that
- I prove that
- I realize that
- I suppose that
- I suspect that
*** However, ‘that’ is usually omitted.
- I think that…
I think that they are just OK.------------ I think that they are just OK.
I assume that he does.------------- I assume that he does.

so dalam keadaan mcm ni , that tak diperlukan , 
source : tutor tv

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